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IT and SAP labour market 2022

Want to get ahead of the competition, and get the best IT and SAP talents for your business?

Are you considering a job change and you want to make best selection for your new employer?

Download the report: "A year of opportunities. IT and SAP labour market 2022" - a comprehensive analysis of next year's labour market situation.

From the report you will find out:

  • how much IT and SAP professionals will need to be paid in 2022,
  • what motivates IT specialists to change their jobs, much more effectively than money,
  • how to improve the recruitment process, so that candidates choose your offer, not the competition's,
  • what will affect the supply and demand on the labour market,
  • how to keep a good employee for longer.

The report is based on surveys conducted amongst IT and SAP specialists, long-standing experience of Awareson consultants, and analysis of the international situation on the IT labour market.

In the report, you will find:

  • median salaries for the most popular IT and SAP positions,
  • research on career plans of IT and SAP experts for the next year,
  • opinions of prominent IT and SAP specialists on technological trends,
  • practical advice on modern recruitment processes.
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